The following are resources that teachers can use in their classes to add to the Charo y Lee curriculum. Have you developed any extra materials related to Charo y Lee that you would like to share? Submit them to me!

TIP: On these resource pages you will see embedded videos. Would you like to show these videos in class, but can’t access YouTube in school? Then use a program such as TubeTV or DLYTV or KeepVID at home to convert the videos that you can then bring to school.

Click for my notes on the TPR 3-ring circus

Click for my notes on higher level thinking on tests

Click for my participation grading system

Have you seen the Extra series yet? This is a really good series to show to 2nd year students. Occasionally a bit risqué, but nothing too extreme for high school students. Here’s the first part. Check out the entire series!